• Vertica meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of The European Parliament and Council (CE-MDR 2797).

  • Vertica meets the requirements of The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) In accordance with UKCA marking of Great Britain. (2023071801313806)

  • Ohh-Med Medical meets the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 & EB ISO 13485:2016 for Quality Management System for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

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    Starting at the base of your penis, move the device about 1 cm forward whenever the LED indicators prompt you to. You should feel a pleasantly warm sensation. Once you reach the tip, bring the device back to the starting point and repeat the process. Continue for 15 minutes.


    Connect the pad attachment and place it under your perineum (between your scrotum and anus). Make sure the electrodes are in constant contact with the skin. Now repeat the ring treatment process as you did in step 2 for another 15 minutes.


    At the end of the treatment, switch off the device by holding down the power button for 3 seconds. You should clean the pad accessory and the ring section of the device with regular tap water. Dry the device with a clean, dry cloth.
    To charge the device, the charging cable must be connected to the magnetic connector (charger port).

Why Vertica?

Unlock a new level of intimacy and enhance your sexual experience with the Vertica device, designed to improve and revitalise your sexual function like never before.

  • Treat without leaving home
  • Long term results
  • No side effects
  • Prescription free
  • Safe & non invasive
  • Clinical tested (above 85% success)
  • CE-MDR 2979 approved
  • Approved by the MHRA (2023071801313806)


Do I need a prescription to use or buy Vertica?

No. Vertica is meant to be used at home and does not require a prescription. It is approved for use by the European Notified Body and approved by CE-MDR 2797. 

Does Vertica have any side effects?

No side effects were reported by any of our users, other than a gentle warm sensation and slight redness. Both of these are temporary and should go away as soon as you turn off your Vertica device. You can set the level of RF energy emitted by the device for maximum comfort.

Is it safe to use Vertica?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use the Vertica® device. Safety was a top priority while developing Vertica®, and all the components and pieces adhere to strict ISO 13485 standards. The device is built with a state-of-the-art monitoring and protection mechanism to ensure it is safe and effective.

How long does the treatment course take, and when will I notice improvement?

As we age, our natural physiological mechanisms start to deteriorate. Vertica works by restoring the physiological erection mechanism. Usually, men start to notice an improvement within the first two weeks of treatment; some even experience ‘morning erection’ and spontaneous erections throughout the day. The complete initial round of treatment usually lasts two weeks to 3 months.

You may notice some decline over time once you stop using Vertica. Since you have your own device available, you can always start up treatment again if you experience a reduction in erection quality. You can also keep using your Vertica® device regularly to maintain your erectile function.

As with any medical process, different bodies respond differently to treatments—so you may need less or more time to achieve a noticeable improvement. Make sure you follow the instructions to get the best results.

How often should I use Vertica to get results?

For best results, we recommend doing three weekly sessions over the first month and at least two weekly sessions from the second month onward.

Each session should include both phases: ring-only and pad + ring. For a session to be considered complete, the white indicator light should be on for at least 15 minutes (the light only turns on when the device is actively delivering RF energy for treatment). 

Can anyone use Vertica?

Vertica is meant for men who want to improve their erectile function. It enhances erections by restoring the physiological erection mechanism. Therefore, it may not be a good fit for you if you have non-organic erectile dysfunction.

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