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Verticaplus Pre-order

Verticaplus Pre-order

Normal fiyat £300.00 GBP
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Pre-order now at 20% discount – £1,280 instead of £1,500

  • Pay £300 now and the remainder before delivery.
  • Get your delivery within 45 days.

Introducing the Verticaplus® device, your ultimate at-home solution for enhancing erectile function.
Verticaplus includes the Verticaplus App for mobile connectivity and a range of productivity tools.

Verticaplus® with the Verticaplus mobile app treats erectile dysfunction (impotence and erectile performance problems), regenerates tissue and improves the quality of erection over time using radio frequency (RF) technology. This innovative method of tissue rejuvenation in the male genital organ improves the natural mechanism of the erection mechanism, enabling spontaneous erections without the need for medications and to time the treatment near the act itself.

With the Verticaplus mobile app, you can treat using an app on your mobile device and enjoy a better treatment experience - support in operating the device, real-time feedback, tracking of your results, managing a schedule for treatments, and capability to receive remote support from a Vertica expert.

The device is approved by the Ministry of Health and complies with the European standard for medical devices (CE-2797) and in the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and UKCA.

Verticplus supports iPhone(R) iOS V.13 and above; and Android OS 11 above.

App Features

  • Real-time feedback tracks treatment quality
  • Treatment timer indicates effective treatment time
  • Calendar records treatment details
  • Normal or Adaptive energy modes optimize energy levels
  • Video guided help for robust customer support

Verticplus supports iPhone(R) iOS V.13 and above; and Android OS 11 above


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